2019 Guest Speakers

Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder

David Hanson Ph.D.

Hanson Robotics Founder, Chairman, Chief Creative Officer 

James L. Green

Nasa Chief Scientist

Jeff DeWit

Nasa Chief Financial Officer

Randy Cruz

Nasa Senior Advisor

Lindy T. Elkins-Tanton

Managing Director of the Interplanetary Initiative at Arizona State University

Vince Kadlubek

Meow Wolf CEO

Paul Teutul Sr.

Orange County Choppers Founder

Joan Marie Kay

Orange County Choppers CEO

Santos Lopez

Orange County Choppers Vice President of Marketing

Jason Pohl

Orange County Choppers Lead Designer

Steve Wozniak

The son of an engineer at Lockheed Martin, Stephen Gary Wozniak, born on August 11, 1950, was fascinated by electronics at an early age. Although he was never a star student in the traditional sense, Wozniak had an aptitude for building working electronics from scratch.

During his brief stint at the University of California at Berkeley, Steve Wozniak met Steve Jobs, who was still in high school, through a mutual friend. The two later paired up to form Apple Computer on April 1, 1976, prompting Wozniak to quit his job at Hewlett-Packard.

Working out of a family garage, he and Jobs attempted to produce a user-friendly alternative to the computers that were being introduced by International Business Machines at that time. Wozniak worked on the invention of products, and Jobs was responsible for marketing.

Not long after Apple was founded, Wozniak created the Apple I, a design built largely in Jobs’ bedroom and garage. With Wozniak’s knowledge of electronics and Job’s marketing skills, the two were well-suited to do business together. Wozniak went on to conceive the Apple II as part of the company’s personal-computer series, and by 1983, Apple had a stock value of $985 million.

Wozniak ended his employment with Apple in 1985 and in 2017, co-founded Woz ED and Woz U, headquartered in Arizona.

David Hanson Ph.D.

David Hanson Ph.D. has built a worldwide reputa- tion for inventing the world’s most human-like, empathetic, intelligent character robots, inspiring massive media coverage and public acclaim. To accomplish this, Hanson integrated gurative arts with science and engineering, and invented novel skin materials, facial expression mechanisms, and intelligent software to animate the robots in face to face interactions with people.

Hanson started as a Walt Disney Imagineer, working as both a sculptor and a technical consultant in robotics. As a researcher, he published dozens of papers in materials science, articial intelligence, cognitive science, and robotics journals — including SPIE, IEEE, the International Journal of Cognitive Science, IROS, AAAI, AI magazine and more. He wrote two books including “Humanizing Robots” and received several patents. Hanson was featured in the New York Times, Popular Science, Scientic American, WIRED, BBC and CNN. He also received earned awards from NASA, NSF, Tech Titans’ Innova- tor of the Year, RISD, Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, and the 2005 AAAI rst place prize for open interac- tion of an AI system.

James L. Green

Dr. Green received his Ph.D. in Space Physics from the University of Iowa in 1979 and began working in the Magnetospheric Physics Branch at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in 1980. At Marshall, Dr. Green developed and managed the Space Physics Analysis Network, which provided many scientists, all over the world, with rapid access to data, other scientists, and specific NASA computer and information resources. In addition, Dr. Green was a safety diver in the Neutral Buoyancy tank making over 150 dives until he left MSFC in 1985.

From 1985 to 1992 he was the Head of the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The NSSDC is NASA’s largest space science data archive. In 1992 he became the Chief of the Space Science Data Operations Office until 2005 when he became the Chief of the Science Proposal Support Office. While at GSFC, Dr. Green was also co-investigator and the Deputy Project Scientist on the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) mission. From 1992 to 2000 he was also the Deputy Project Scientist for Mission Operations and Data Analysis for the Global Geospace Science Missions WIND and POLAR. He has written over 110 scientific articles in referred journals involving various aspects of the Earth’s and Jupiter’s magnetospheres and over 50 technical articles on various aspects of data systems and computer networks.

From August 2006 to April 2018 Dr. Green was the Director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters. Under his leadership several missions have been successfully executed, including the New Horizons spacecraft flyby of Pluto, the MESSENGER spacecraft to Mercury, the Juno spacecraft to Jupiter, the Grail spacecraft to the Moon, the Dawn spacecraft to Vesta and Ceres, and the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars just to name a few.

Over his career, Dr. Green has received a number of awards. In 1988 he received the Arthur S. Flemming award given for outstanding individual performance in the federal government and was awarded Japan’s Kotani Prize in 1996 in recognition of his international science data management activities. He also recently received the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal for the New Horizons flyby of the Pluto system.

Jeff DeWit

Jeff DeWit was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate on March 14, 2018, to serve as NASA’s Chief Financial Officer. As NASA CFO, DeWit ensures the financial health of the agency, which includes effectively employing agency resources toward the achievement of NASA’s strategic plan. He manages the organization’s budget and fiscal operations, directs the preparation and submission of annual financial and budgetary reports, and coordinates agency financial management activities with other federal agencies.

DeWit comes to NASA from Arizona state government, where he was elected in 2014 and served as State Treasurer, a role in which he was responsible for the oversight of more than $15 billion in state investments and more than $32 billion of annual inflows and outflows. DeWit also served as the chairman of Arizona’s State Board of Investment and State Loan Commission, and as Surveyor General.

DeWit’s career in finance began in 1992 at one of the largest brokerage firms in the country, moving up quickly to become one of Smith Barney’s youngest fully-licensed investment professionals. 

In 1999, DeWit started a company called ECHOtrade, and during his 14 years as Chief Executive Officer at their Phoenix headquarters, he grew the company to more than 500 licensed professional traders worldwide. He also developed and pioneered one of the first software platforms that enabled market makers to trade off the exchange floor reducing costs and creating efficiency, while producing some of the best real-time financial risk management software and algorithms.

DeWit has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Arizona, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Southern California, and also has an accounting degree. He also has two certificates in Public Treasury Management from the National Institute of Public Finance, and is a National Association of Corporate Directors Board Leadership Fellow.

Randy Cruz

Randy Cruz was hand selected by the NASA Administrator to be his Senior Advisor in August 2018.  As the Senior Advisor, Cruz advises NASA leadership on all matters to include aerospace and aeronautic operations, infrastructure, foreign and legislative affairs, communications, and risk management.

Cruz is a Navy Captain that graduated with merit from the United States Naval Academy in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering.  After commissioning, CAPT Cruz completed flight training in Pensacola, FL and chose to fly the E-2C Hawkeye, earning his wings of gold as a Naval Flight Officer in May 1999.

Cruz has deployed multiple times all over the world and has commanded an aviation squadron to the middle east during a combat deployment.  His at-sea assignments include combat deployments on board the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72), USS JOHN C STENNIS (CVN 74) and the USS HARRY S TRUMAN (CVN75), in support of Operations SOUTHERN WATCH, ENDURING FREEDOM, INHERENT RESOLVE, and ODYSSEY RESOLVE.   

A graduate of TOPGUN and the United States Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS), he conducted developmental flight tests and managed numerous avionics and aircraft projects and programs, to include E-2C Foreign Military Sales for Taiwan and Egypt.  He orchestrated the Manpower, Facilities, and Training efforts to bring the game changing E-2D Advanced Hawkeye to Initial Operational Capability.  

An advanced Weapons and Tactics Instructor at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, a Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) senior mission planner in the Persian Gulf theater, and as the Director for Integrated Air and Missile Defense that include Ballistic Missile Defense for deploying Carrier Strike Groups, CAPT Cruz has worked with many operational units, at all levels of the Department of Defense to ensure Fleet combat readiness.

CAPT Cruz has accumulated over 2,900 hours in 20 different aircraft and over 400 carrier arrested landings.  His personal decorations include the Navy and Marine Corps Association, Leadership Award, four Meritorious Service Medals, three Strike/Flight Air Medals, four Navy Commendation Medals, two Naval Achievement Medals, and various unit and individual awards.   

He has a Master of Science degree in Aviation Systems from the University of Tennessee and is completing his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Lindy T. Elkins-Tanton

Lindy Elkins-Tanton is the Principal Investigator of the NASA Psyche mission, Managing Director of the Interplanetary Initiative at Arizona State University, and co-founder of Beagle Learning, a tech company training and measuring collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking. Her research and efforts are focused on a positive human space exploration future, the effective leadership of teams, and education for the future of society. She has led four field expeditions in Siberia. She served on the Planetary Decadal Survey Mars panel, and the Mars 2020 Rover Science Definition Team, and now serves on the Europa Clipper Standing Review Board. In 2010 she was awarded the Explorers Club Lowell Thomas prize. Asteroid (8252) Elkins-Tanton is named for her. In 2013 she was named the Astor Fellow at Oxford University. She is a fellow of the American Geophysical Union, and of the American Mineralogical Society, and in 2018 she was elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Elkins-Tanton received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from MIT.

Vince Kadlubek

Vince Kadlubek is a Co-founder and the CEO of Meow Wolf, an art collective that has transformed into an award winning Arts Production Company. After leading Meow Wolf to win the inaugural startup competition from Creative Startups, Kadlubek created the business plan for Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return and led the team towards its completion. Since opening, Kadlubek has continued being the force of vision for the company, thinking about radical ways to subvert current business paradigms while building integral systems that have been tried and true. Vince is most interested in co-creating alternative realities and bringing unique, indescribable, transformative immersive art experiences to the world, and has announced new Meow Wolf exhibitions in Las Vegas, Denver, Washington DC, and Phoenix.

Paul Teutul Sr.

Paul Teutul Sr. frequently called Senior was born May 1, 1949 in Yonkers, New York as Paul John Teutul. Paul Sr. was raised in Pearl River, New York. Paul is a loving father of four, author, producer, owner of Orange County Choppers, and star focus of the hit reality television series American Chopper. 

During Paul Sr.’s early days he sailed as a member of the United States Merchant Marines during the Vietnam War. He never served in a branch of the United States military. 

After Paul returned from the war, he started his own company called Orange County Ironworks, a fabrication shop now solely owned by his son Daniel Teutul. 

Inspired by the custom bikes appearing in the streets and in films, Paul Sr. started building custom bikes for his pleasure. In 1999, Paul left Orange County Ironworks and founded Orange County Choppers based in Newburgh, New York to build and sale custom bikes. 

Sparking the interest of the Discovery Channel, Paul Sr. picked up a documentary series called American Chopper which made its first on air debut March 31, 2003. The series centers on Paul Teutul Sr. and crew who manufacture custom chopper-style motorcycles. 

Due to its popularity during the first seasons, American Chopper inspired two video game titles. The first was American Chopper by Activision Value, released for the PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox. The second, American Chopper 2: Full Throttle by Creat Studios was released for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. 

In 2006 Paul Sr. published his first book titled Orange County Choppers. A few years following in 2009 his second book was published titled The Ride of a Lifetime.  Paul Sr. has also produced American Chopper in 2009-2010, and then featured in another reality series Orange County Choppers: American Made from 2015-2016.  

Paul Sr. has acted in a few movies and series such as Wild Hogs and My Name is Earl. He also has appeared on numerous TV shows including the Celebrity Apprentice, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel and countless other nationally televised talk shows.  Paul Sr.’s tough guy image is contradicted by his tireless involvement with various charities such as HVSPCA, Make-A-Wish, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Joan Marie Kay

Joan Marie Kay was born Joan Marie Bulger on February 23, 1964 in Pensacola, Florida. A young Joan was moved and raised in Rockland County, New York. Joan is the loving mother to two beautiful daughters Jesse and Samantha Kay and a number of rescued animals.

Joan made her entrance into healthcare, where she held various management positions in both hospital patient accounting and physician billing at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. From there she managed a large radiology billing company in Jefferson Valley, NY and worked her way to a partnership with a physician in which she owned and operated an Urgent Care Facility in Rockland County, NY. The Urgent Care Facility was then sold to Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, who also at the time had twenty five other “DOCS” facilities and central billing office in Valhalla. Joan was hired by Beth Israel to reorganize and streamline their central billing office. Upon completion Joan joined spent the next five years building CPM a billing and consulting company from five to over a hundred employees with collections in excess of thirty million. Unfortunately, CPM was sold, and it was transparent the existing clients were not satisfied with the company’s radical change in direction. At the request from well-known clients, whom also gave references to colleagues, achieved without any sales or marketing staff, Joan birthed Revflo Inc. where she had been the sole owner/shareholder for 15 years.

Joan has been actively involved in animal rescue for the last 30 years. She is also currently the Board President for the Hudson Valley SPCA, a not-for-profit No Kill animal shelter in New Windsor NY.

Joan embraces a number of executive roles, her leadership and expertise has been instrumental in various corporate mergers and acquisitions. She has brought these attributes to Orange County Choppers where she is titled CEO. It was culture shock for this male-dominated executive team to have a female at the helm. The results have been monumental.  Joan who has been in a long term relationship with Paul Sr. also makes appearances on the reality television series American Chopper.

Paul Teutul Sr. and Joan Kay are working with their crew on a new OCC+ Digital Build now airing on YouTube. Discovery is back on the table for another exploding season of American Chopper and may more upcoming projects that have yet to be announced.

Santos Lopez

Santos Lopez is the Vice President of Marketing at Orange County Choppers. He lives in Saugerties, NY and has three children Steven, Gillian, Delia.

Santos M Lopez was born in Manila Philippines and immigrated to the US as a small child with his parents and grandson to the Late Judge Eusebio Lopez signer of the 1934 Constitution of the Philippines also related to Dr. Jose Rizal father of Filipino Independence. 

He also served as a US Navy Corpsman. And  has ran for several public offices in Saugerties ,Ulster County and NY State. Santos has volunteered with various community organizations 

Santos is a Graduate of Marist College and has over 25 years of integrated marketing and communications experience and has worked with some of the biggest brands. 

Santos was a former Pro-Paintball Player and traveled internationally playing the sport of paintball.

Santos is also an avid automotive and motorcycle enthusiast, founder of both Das Laufwerk Euro Car show at Hunter Mountain Ski Resort and of JOE Jeep Owner and Enthusiast (Jeep Club) and most importantly a technology geek that embraces the technology lifestyle.

Jason Pohl

Jason stands at the crossroads of design and technology.  He has been the Lead Designer at OCC since 2004. Before that he was an Artist/Animator at Incredible Technologies where he worked on various video games.  He attended the Illinois Institute of Art, where he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Jason believes in hard work, loyalty and keeps a relentless never give up attitude.  He is driven by, God, his loving family, artwork, technology, and the great outdoors. OCC has relied on him for over 15 years to provide state of the art designs for fortune 500 companies and individuals from all over the world.